FEC Source McMaster Method Fecal Egg Count Testing Supplies

FEC Source offers the highest quality McMaster Method veterinary slides on the market today.

Several innovations make them the right choice for labs, parasitologists, veterinarians and anyone conducting FEC (Fecal Egg Count) tests. Our excellent bulk discounts make them an economical choice as well.

FEC Source McMaster Method slides were designed with exacting specifications recommended by leading parasitologists and improved with a “two-sided” fit on the microscope stage. The FEC Source McMaster Method slide is made from highly scratch-resistant acrylic, using sonic welding technology to prevent specimen residue from contaminating a subsequent sample. Simply rinse the slide thoroughly under warm running water and re-use with confidence. The printed grids are bonded to the surface of the slide; they will not come off or wear with use. Indeed, our improved McMaster Methold slides were designed to be used again and again. They are a long term investment at a competitive price.

High quality McMaster Method slides, outstanding customer service and competitive prices. We are the FEC Source.

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Bulk discounts:

4 – 20: $15.00 ea.
21 – 40: $14.00 ea.
41 – 60: $13.00ea.
61 – 99: $12.00 ea.
100+ : $10.00 ea.

For orders of 100 or more slides we offer custom branding or a generic slide with only the printed grid and no logo. Please inquire at mailto:info@FECsource.com.

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